Lviv Suburban Train Station – Easy Access to the Subway and the City

Both the Lviv Rail Terminal and the Lviv Suburban Train Station are located near the subway. This makes transport in Lviv easily accessible and provides locals and travelers with more transportation and destination options. Over and above the railways, Lviv also has taxis, busses and trams available throughout the city, but the railway lines remain the most popular form of transport.

While the Lviv Rail Terminal concentrates largely on long distance destinations, the Lviv Suburban Train Station deals mostly with local commuters, as the Lviv Suburban Rail covers most of the residential areas in Lviv and the entire Lviv Oblast (region). The Lviv Suburban Train Station was built in 1996, for just this purpose. Traveling by rail is a cheaper alternative to using taxis or some of the other modes of transport. Especially over longer distances, train tickets are much cheaper than air travel and tickets for the trains can be booked up to forty-five days in advance. Travelers will have to present their passports when purchasing a train ticket.

Information boards are visible in the stations that indicate which platform should be used, times of departures and arrivals, the number of the train and also what route the train will be taking to get to its destination. Announcements within the terminal are made in both Russian and Ukrainian, and travelers should not worry as it is repeated in English as well. Most stations have refreshments available through cafés, small restaurants and fast food stands.

Travelers should always ask taxi cab drivers what their rates are before making use of their services, as there are many taxis parked outside the Lviv Suburban Rail, waiting for a fare. The names on the taxis should not be mistaken for information regarding the fare. Always ensure that you keep your belongings near you while traveling by rail and if uncertain in regard to any part of your journey, it is always advisable to ask an official at the Lviv Suburban Train Station.

Traveling though Lviv is an adventure and there is no better way to appreciate the city, buildings and landscape, than through the window of a train. It provides a comfortable and interesting trip and you are sure to meet many friendly locals on the Lviv Suburban Rail.

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