History of Stained Glass Retraced at the Lviv Glass Museum

Stained glass has long been used to decorate churches and provide color and beauty to the dreary gray stonewalls that generally characterize these religious edifices. Of course, they have also been used, on occasion, to decorate churches and to embellish private homes for the rich. These were the traditional roles given to this beautiful and decorative art form. Today, however, stained glass has become a seldom explored but very interesting aspect of the art world. More and more people are recognizing the depictive power of images infused with light and color – whether they are modern or drawn inspiration from more archaic sources. Whatever your preference is, you will find a world of glass and color just waiting to be discovered at the Lviv Glass Museum in Ukraine.

Located at 38 Kubiyovych Street in the city of Lviv, this world-renowned collection of glass art does not just feature extraordinary examples of stained glass. A wonderful variety of other glass works are also on display. This versatile and yet delicate medium has been painted, blown and stretched to create all sorts of sculptures and functional items – each of which has a distinct artistic flavor. Some of the sculptures are quite unusual and visitors may find themselves struggling to interpret the meaning or idea behind the work. Other artworks are quite simplistic but incredibly beautiful. Whatever it is that catches your eye, you can be sure that the Lviv Glass Museum will have something worth seeing.

The Lviv Glass Museum is a very popular attraction in Ukraine. There are many museums in Ukraine, but few offer something as interesting and diverse as this museum. Much of the collection focuses on modern Ukrainian glass art and it is really this part of the collection which has gained the museum world-wide attention. But a small part of the museum also focuses on folk architecture and the many different uses of glass art over the centuries. As you make your way through the museum viewing gleaming masterpieces by some of Ukraine’s most renowned artists, you will certainly discover that there is more to glass than you thought. Most of the glass on display was created at one of four different international ‘fancy glass’ symposiums which are often held in Lviv. So book your tour of this magnificent museum and discover a whole new use for glass the next time you visit Lviv.

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