Lviv High Castle – Three Hundred Stairs to Historical Wonders

The city of Lviv in Ukraine is known as the “city of lions” and it has a population of around 830,000. Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine and there are many attractions in Lviv. One that simply must not be missed is the Lviv High Castle. This attraction is the sort of place you visit for for the pure pleasure of the experience. In order to reach the entrance of High Castle Park, you would need to walk up the steep road of Ulitsa Zamkova. Another alternative route can be taken through Ulitsa Maxima Krivonosa. Lviv High Castle was constructed in 1360 by King Kazimierz of Poland.

High Castle in Lviv was a garrison, treasury and prison dungeon for centuries. The castle is believed to have many tunnels which still exist today deep underground. The filthy dungeons of the castle were even used to hold prisoners for ransom for a few years during the Battle of Grunwald. General Maxim Crookednose, with his army of peasants, Cossacks and Mongol-Turks, penetrated the High castle walls in 1648 ending three centuries of Polish rule. Over fifty years later the Swedish army completely destroyed the castle, completely leveling it to the ground in places leaving only a few traces which help one to imagine the massive scale of its past life.

The High Castle entrance park is surrounded with small trees and it is generally well kept with some greenery and shrubs; the grounds at this time are relatively well kept and unspoiled. There are a few curio shops so you can enjoy shopping for some goodies whilst visiting the area around the High castle park. There is also a delightful restaurant known for its polite and helpful manner.

If you take a walk up to the top of the hill where Lviv High Castle is situated, you will find a well-hidden old cottage. The walkways around Lviv High Castle have a sort-of Soviet style and take you through the park in various directions. There are also concrete benches where you can sit down for a quiet rest. These are placed around virtually every corner.

To reach Lviv High Castle, one would have to climb over 300 rusty old steps on a winding metal staircase. This means it requires some effort to visit the actual castle. The climb includes a walk on a narrow path which winds its way around the steep hill and takes you to the top of High Castle Lviv’s highest point. So don’t forget to put your best walking shoes on.

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