Indigenous Ukrainian Forests

Fresh air is at a premium these days. Cities and rural communities alike pump out carcinogens and noxious gases. Deforestation of the world’s forests bleeds the air of its healthy properties. Tired of breathing in stilted air? Why not travel to the Carpathian mountain region of Ukraine to rebalance your physical and emotional health.

Though the Carpathian region has not been immune to deforestation efforts, much of the area’s forests remain untouched. Majestic coniferous trees populate hundreds of thousands of acres in this mountain region. The dominant dark green smereka trees grow at an altitude of 800 or 900 meters above sea level and provide a health microclimate with pungent fragrances and sounds that produce a tonic effect on hikers. Without the need of too much light, these forests are highly resistant to all kinds of weather.

Centuries old writers like Ivan Franko made pilgrimages to the dense Carpathian forests for days of respite and reflection. The combination of the sweet smells, clean air, and near silent conditions allows souls of any century to put a life on hold for a short time. Visitors to Ukraine’s forests may find that after only an hour a state of sleepiness may be hard to resist. The body’s reaction to fresh air will first make a person sleepy, but later, the harmful substances of modern life and bacteria collected on a daily basis will be purged. Only 10,000 square meters of forest produces enough oxygen for one human being to breathe for an entire year!

Aside from the oxygen the smereka forests produce, the green color of the trees helps stabilize blood pressure, dilate blood vessels, and relieve eyestrain. One’s blood sugar level plummets as well. If your life is wearing you down and you find yourself in Ukraine, why not take a few days and wander this country’s amazing forests. Take a deep breath, lie on your back, and look at the blue sky and the treetops. Remember how good it feels to fill your lungs with pristine air all of us should enjoy every day.