Evpatoria – Health Centres, Beach Resorts, Aqua Park and so much more

The ancient city of Evpatoria or Eupatoria has gone through many name changes over the centuries and has been called Gizlyar, Yevpatoria and Kirkinitida, to mention just a few. Evpatoria, the name of the city today, came from the King of Pontus' nickname, Eupator. The city is located in the Crimea region of Ukraine, and has been around for over 2500 years and the landscape is made up mainly of dry grasslands, which perfume the air with delightful fragrances.

Evpatoria, or Kerkinitis as it was originally called, was founded in 500 B.C. by the Greeks. Later, the city was taken over by many other nations, including the Mongols, Crimean Khanate, British, French and the Turks. In 1783 the city was captured by the Russians and was renamed Evpatoria. The city became a center for slave trading, which lasted until 1736 when the city was destroyed by the Russian army. Later, the city was re-built, and soon became famous for health centers and mud baths, the first of its kind ever to be invented.

The city lies close to the Crimean coast and is situated near the Kalamitsky bay. Hundreds of visitors and locals flock to the shallow, warm waters of the bay year round. Visitors also come to enjoy the beautiful beach resorts and the variety of restaurants that create tantalizing dishes for you to enjoy. Evpatoria also has a port called the Ukrainian Black Sea port where you will find industries like fishing and food processing taking place. Other industries that you will find here are limestone quarrying, furniture manufacturing, manufacturing of machinery parts and building materials, wine making and weaving.

Today when you visit Evpatoria you will notice that Greek, Turkish and Crimean cultures and influences are visible in the architecture found here. You can visit and explore interesting sights like the Muslim cloisters of the Crimean Tatar, Mosque Dzhuma-Dzhami, Greek fortifications, aqua parks and the Orthodox Church to name but a few.

The National Space Agency of Ukraine may not be ancient, but is an attraction itself, providing tracking facilities and ground control. Over the years the Soviet Union has become the expert when it comes to anything to do with space. The Centre of Management of Flights by space vehicles was placed here in Evpatoria because of the perfect geographical conditions that it provided. Evpatoria is definitely worth a visit.

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