Dubno Castle – One of the oldest structures in Dubno

Can you picture horse-drawn wagons loaded with hay dragging along bumpy dirt roads and wooden home shacks that look as though they are about to crumble. This is a brief description of the town Dubno in Ukraine, one of the most ancient towns of Volyn. It had its start from 1100 AD and was founded by the Ostrozkyi princes, amongst the greatest and most respected royal families at that time.

An interesting sight in Dubno is a medieval castle and fortress that has survived through the generations and stands today as a charming Ukrainian museum containing a valuable archive, artifacts and documents. Dubno Castle became a strong defense structure for Volyn because of its position and good fortifications that protected and secured the land from their vicious enemies. Most interesting to note is that two bastions with watchtowers were built and a deep ditch was filled with water between an ancient settlement and the new Dubno castle. Another ditch was made from the western side of the castle, with a connecting bridge so the people of the town could find refuge during the hostile attacks. During the North War (1700-1721) the Dubno castle remained unharmed and later was purchased by Duchess Elisabeth Baryatinsca, who sold it to the state treasury at the end of the 19th century.

Ukraine’s Dubno Castle is one of the oldest buildings in Dubno, dating back to 1492. The castle has a sort of Renaissance style to it with a fascinating decorative gate in a beautiful frame. Gracing the interior of Dubno Castle is the stunning ball room where guests, in times past, would adorn themselves in their finest dress and dance the cracovyak. The noble guests held goblets with selected and choicest wines whilst they would toast the delightful evening. Some of these wines still exist today.

Due to several generations of the Ostrozkyi princes, Dubno developed into an impressive and charming town. Still today you will be fascinated by the history and ancient traditions that have carried on and very much part of the inhabitants lives. This quaint town is also a lovely destination in Ukraine for those who appreciate a slower pace of life and enjoy viewing the many charming ancient buildings, where the chimes of the monastery bells ringing that can’t but help take you back in time.

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