South African Embassy in Ukraine

The South African Embassy in Ukraine provides support and assistance to South African citizens living, working or traveling in Ukraine. The emergency services that the Embassy provides include the evacuation of South African citizens during man-made or natural disasters and during times of political upheaval. The embassy will provide advice and support services during a kidnapping or a hostage situation and non-financial assistance if any medical or professional attention is needed.

The South African Embassy also helps South African citizens to get in contact with their family or friends in South Africa in a case of emergency and they will assist families wanting to send funds over to family members that are in distress. The Embassy will also, on your behalf, get hold of and liaise with local Ukrainian authorities when searching for a missing person or when the location of South African citizens is needed.

The South African Embassy in Ukraine will provide non-financial assistance to South Africans that have been victims of crime; a list of local lawyers; advice, support and guidance to the guardian or custodial parent in cases of abduction of South African children in Ukraine; and lastly, they will attach certificates of validation to certified public documents.

The Legal and Notary services of the South African Embassy include serving legal documents from the Department of Justice to defendants living in Ukraine. The department will also process requests for extradition, edictal citations, evidence on commission and letters that come from the Department of Justice.

Other services that the South African Embassy in Ukraine will provide to citizens is help with passports that have expired, been damaged, lost or stolen; an emergency loan under extreme circumstances; non-financial assistance and provide notification and advice to next of kin if a citizen of South Africa should die.

The South African Embassy can be located at: 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska Street in Kiev.

If you would like to write to the Embassy you can post your letter to: P.O Box 7, Central Post Office, 11 Kreshchtyk Street, 01001, Kyiv, Ukraine.

You can also telephone the South African Embassy at +38044 287 7172/4451 or at +38044 287 3789/3622. (Please note: Contact details are subject to change)

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