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  • Lviv Oblast


    Radekhiv has a population of approximately 9,500 people, and is located in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine. It has recently become a popular tourist destination that offers visitors tours of their most noteworthy Ukrainian attractions and has a vast variety of hotels and accommodation available. One of the sights in Radekhiv, that should not be missed, is the Stone Synagogue that was ...

  • Vinnytsya Oblast


    The small city of Nemyriv was built over Myriv, a settlement from the ancient Scythian times. It is located in the Vinnytsya Oblast, which lies in the western region of Ukraine. It also serves as an administrative center for the district of Nemyrivsky and has a mere population of approximately 10 000 residents. The city as it is known today, was only mentioned in the year 1506, for ...