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  • Kiev Oblast


    Brovary means ‘brewers’ and is an ancient city located in the centre of Ukraine in the Kiev Oblast. It is here that it acts as an administrative district for the Brovarskyi Raion. Today, Brovary has also become well-known as Ukraine’s finest shoe-making hub, where renowned factories have come to established themselves in the region over time. This has also lead to Brovary becoming renowned ...

  • Sumy Oblast


    Right next to the Shostka River lies a town that bears its name - Shostka. It is located in the Sumy Oblast and has an estimated population of approximately 85 000 residents. It was founded in the 17th century and was ruled by the Cossacks for many years. Its size did not deter it from producing some of the most important products in Ukraine, or having their very own football team, ...