Brovary – Sport Centre for Olympic Champions and Shoe Making Mecca

Brovary means ‘brewers’ and is an ancient city located in the centre of Ukraine in the Kiev Oblast. It is here that it acts as an administrative district for the Brovarskyi Raion. Today, Brovary has also become well-known as Ukraine’s finest shoe-making hub, where renowned factories have come to established themselves in the region over time. This has also lead to Brovary becoming renowned as one of the most important sports centers. Indeed, Brovary is the hometown of seven of the most talented Olympic champions and world champions who were either born or began their amazing careers here, such as boxer Yuriy Nuzhnenko.

Brovary has also become famous for its Ukrainian football club called ‘FC Nafkom Brovary’ and plays in the Ukrainian football league called the ‘Druha Liha’. It is regarded as a lower league than that of Persha Liha and sits on the board as a third level league overall.

This ancient city was first mentioned in 1630, and Brovary’s coat of arms is characterized by a large emblem of the Brovarskyi region and its many distinct qualities. The field is a particularly deep blue with a towering silver fortress and its three towers, below passes a horse. The border is decorated in viburnum flowers with a framed bronze wreath of pine, oak and birch branches. The horse symbolizes the legends of ‘hailstones a cream’, while the Viburnum represents the Kiev area. The bronze wreath of pine, oak and birch represents the vegetation that is commonly found in the region.

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