Visit the Castles, Cathedrals and Monuments in Dubno

The city of Dubno is located in the Rivne Oblast, on the banks of the beautiful Ikva River. As with many cities that fell under the rule of the Ostrozhski family, the city soon began to flourish. Many breathtaking buildings and structures that were constructed by the Ostrozhski princes have survived for locals and tourists to marvel at. The Rivne Oblast and its cities have survived two World Wars and many occupations. The locals have shown the determination and dedication to rebuild their lives and look forward to the future - a future that was created by a turbulent past.

Although archaeologists have established that other civilizations were
present on the site of Dubno, its existence was first mentioned in the year
1099. The town of Dubno was established by the Ostrozhski family. They were
known to be one of the most powerful families of the time. Vasili Ostrozhski
constructed the first castle, which was fortified by Konstanty Ostrozhski to be the strongest fortress in the entire Rivne Oblast. Konstanty’s
renovations to the castle took place between the years of 1489 and 1506. To
the west of the city, the Lutsk Brama (Gate) was erected and to the
north-west, the Bernardyn Monastery. By 1753, Dubno was owned by the
Lubomirski family, who transformed the fortified castle into a manor in
1780. The town started deteriorating in later years and was eventually
declared a ‘Fortified Town’ in the year 1870.

Fortunately, throughout World War I, World War II and the Soviet-German
War, efforts were made to renovate buildings that were destroyed or damaged
during these times. The most noteworthy attractions and sites such as the
Castle, the Bernardyn Monastery, the Roman-Catholic Synagogue, Lutsk Gate,
Illinskyi Cathedral, Yurivska Church and the Save Transfiguration Monastery
all fall under the State Historical and Culture organization that was
founded on 14 June 1993. Through their care and preservation, these
spectacular structures still remain for tourists to visit. The Cobzar
Monument that was erected on 16 July 1991 is also worth the visit.

Dubno has also seen its fair share of famous people through the years.
Names such as Jacob ben Wolf Kranz, Axel Freiherr von dem
Bussche-Streithorst, Rabbi Josef Soloveitchik and Wiktor Poliszczuk come to
mind. But amongst the celebrities, traditions and culture, the past and
history of the city has created an industry for the future. With each
passing year, more tourists come to Dubno to touch the past, which has
started to establish a stable tourism industry in the city and a brighter

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