Kakhova – Travel Back in Time at the Greek-Sophia Church and Turkish Fortress Ruins

Ukraine has many interesting cities and surrounding regions to explore. Why not come and experience pleasant hospitality and stunning places to visit here in Ukraine. Nearly all the cities in Ukraine have fascinating museums and art galleries that will make your visit most pleasant and enjoyable. Ukraine boasts many unspoiled, wide open spaces.

One of the areas we want to take a look at is the interesting Kherson oblast. This territory has a current population of about 400 000 residents and is situated on the Dnieper river and seaport. Kherson was founded on June 29, 1778, on the site of the once fortified Oleksadrivs’kyi Shanets that was destroyed by the Turks.

Today this region is thriving, with massive industries, such as ship-building and mechanical engineering. Kherson region is also home to some interesting theaters, museums and monuments of architecture. So don’t miss out on visiting some of the famous structures, such as the Greek-Sophia Church (which was built in 1780), the Gates of the Kherson fortress (built in the 18th century) and the Holy Spirit Church (with the Bell Tower which was built in 1836).The Kherson oblast consists of 18 districts, 9 towns, 30 settlements and 677 villages. One such interesting little district town is Kakhovka, founded in 1791. It was established on the site of the ruined Turkish fortress built in the 16th century and was named after General Kakhovskyi who came here to this land and founded a large community of free peasants.

Kakhovka has one of the largest rivers in Ukraine, the Dnipro River, running beside it. This southern part of Ukraine is mostly surrounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The main sea ports are Odessa, Kherson, Kerch, Sevastopol and Yalta. The town of Kakhovka in Ukraine is famous for its brave defense against the fascist invaders during the Great Patriotic war. There are also many fine parks in this area, the most famous among them being Nova Kakhovka which is a well known reservation where many rare and fascinating animals and birds live in natural conditions. So waste no time, come and explore to your hearts content.

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