Visit the modern city of Dnipro

The third largest city in Ukraine, Dnipro is perhaps best known for its role in the space industry. For many years the city was closed to foreigners because of its role in the military industry. One of the key centers of the nuclear, arms and space industries for the former Soviet Union, it is understandable that only natives were allowed access to the city.

Today things have changed somewhat. The city is open to any and all who wish to visit and the space industry heritage of Dnipro is proudly on display. Dnipro is still home to the major space and ballistic missile designer Yuzhmash, but things are much quieter now than they were in the early nineties.

The city has a well-developed transportation system, so getting around to see the sights is quite easy. Many of the streets near the city center are long, wide and lined with decorative buildings. While many original buildings have been destroyed, the current architecture has been standing for roughly 150 years. Interestingly enough, the largest street here is named after the German Karl Marx. It is bordered by some impressive 18th century architecture which is most beautiful to behold. As you make your way through the city you will also find the majestic Katherine II Cathedral, which was built in 1787. The Museum of History, the Diorama and many beautiful parks are also a treat. The Taras Shevchenko Park with its Monastyrskiy Island is full of curious history. Most visitors really enjoy a trip to the Rocket Museum and the Musical Fountain. The Dnipro River flowing alongside keeps the climate mild and enjoyable. The river skirts islands, parks and hills and adds to the beauty of the town and region. Whether you take a walk down the streets in the heat of summer or brave the cold of winter, you can be sure that Dnipro will enchant and delight you.

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