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  • Embassies

    There are a large number of Ukrainian embassies and consulates spread around the world – such as the Embassy of Ukraine in London and the Ukrainian Consulate in Edinburgh - as well as those of other countries that are based in Ukraine. If you are looking for information on the country or need to speak to a representative of the country, it is usually best to contact the nearest embassy or ...

  • Travel Guide

    Are you planning a trip to Ukraine? Ukraine.com provides you with a helpful Traveler's Guide with basic facts on traveling through Ukraine, visas, safety and more. We are certain that this travel guide will assist you in having a pleasant, memorable holiday in Ukraine.

  • U.K. Embassy

    The Embassy of the United Kingdom has many responsibilities and services that it manages every day. It was founded in Ukraine as a consulate in Kiev after Ukraine gained its independence in 1991. In the year 1992, the Consulate became the Embassy of the United Kingdom after which Ukraine established their own embassies in London and in Edinburgh. Today, the Embassy of the U.K. maintains ...