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  • Music


    Whilst Ukraine is not a wealthy nation, radio in Ukraine tends to be a very accessible form of mass media. From news broadcasts to live discussions and music, Ukraine's radio stations offer a great variety of programs. In fact, Ukraine has a great number of radio stations situated throughout the country. Ukraine's live Internet radio broadcasts give you a chance to fully immerse yourself in ...

  • Newspaper

    Worldwide, newspapers are an important form of mass media. Newspapers in Ukraine are a vital method of transmitting up-to-date information and news to the entire populace. From Russian to English newspapers in Ukraine, there are over 2,500 to choose from, as well as more than 1,000 magazines. The Ukrainian press has experienced great reforms since independence and today freedom of press is ...

  • Museums

    Kiev Fortress

    The semi-underground Kyiv Fortress Museum or Kyivska Fortetsya is a 19th century defense building which was at one-stage part of the western Russian fortresses. These buildings were common sights in Kiev in the past and were placed in most neighborhoods by the Russian army. The multitude of defense structures built in the capital make it the largest city fortress found anywhere in the world. ...

  • Museums

    Ivan Franko Literary

    Ivan Franko, born in 1856, became what could be regarded as the first Ukrainian journalist of his time. It was his steadfast beliefs and determination that won him much respect from both locals as well as people from abroad during and after his passing on the 28th of May 1916.

  • Places of Interest

    Andriyivsky Uzviz

    Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a delightful city to visit. There are so many attractions and historical sights to see there, you will definitely need a couple of days to get through it all. One of these well-known attractions is the Andriyivsky Uzviz or, as it is endearingly called by the local residents, 'the most charming street'. Thousands of tourists come and visit this fascinating ...