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  • Airport Guide

    There are numerous airports in Ukraine operating either in an international or domestic capacity. Most international flights to Kyiv land at Boryspil International Airport, but there are several other international airports scattered throughout Ukraine. In fact, there are more than 180 paved airports in Ukraine. After arriving at one of Ukraine's airports you can take a taxi or bus into the ...

  • Kiev Oblast

    Today the borders of Kiev are very different from when the region of Kiev was first formed in 1932. Kiev Oblast is now situated in the center of Ukraine with the River Dnieper running through it. Kiev's borders meet up with the oblasts of Vinnytsva, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Cherkasy, Homel and Chernihiv.

  • Boryspil

    The city began as a humble settlement back in 1154, but it was not until 1590 that it received its present name of ‘Boryspil’. Interestingly, it has only been referred to as a city for a relatively short time, receiving its city status in 1956. Today the city of Boryspil is located within the province of the Kiev Oblast in the north of Ukraine. It also functions as an administrative center ...