Berdychiv – Mysterious City of Architecture, Industry and Legends

The city of Berdychiv is a quaint city in the Zhytomyr Oblast that has an extremely interesting past. The exact date as to when the city was founded is mere speculation, and how its name came about can only be guessed. In all honesty, Berdychiv's establishment is shrouded in mystery, and scientists and historians have been able to piece some of this fascinating puzzle together.

It is believed that the city of Berdychiv was founded in the 10th or 11th century by a group of settlers. They were said to be the Berendeyis, but no matter what kind of buildings were erected by them, it was all completely destroyed by the Mongols in the 13th century. From 1320, a well-known Polish family took ownership of the city as a part of their estate. The Tyszkevyches were famous for being made up of attractive men and very beautiful women, such as the Polish actress Beata Tyszkevych who is a descendant from the founders of the Berdychiv Castle. The castle was an impregnable fortresses until the 16th century.

The Carmelite Monastery of Berdychiv, which can still be visited today, was constructed by Yanush Tyszkevych in 1626, after his long awaited return from being held captive. The monastery would also serve as fortress and its high, strong walls are still as intimidating. Guests to this historical destination in the Zhytomyr Oblast should also visit the Lenin Monument, the Taras Shevchenko Park, the Church of St. Mykolai and the Mariyinska Church that has the Holy Mother of God of Berdychiv icon, safely guarded in its underground chapel. On the exterior wall of the Church of St Barbara that was constructed in 1826, visitors will see a memorial plaque. This plaque commemorates the day that Eveline Hanksa, a rich and beautiful widow, married the French novelist Honore de Balzak in this church. Theirs is a love story that is filled with true love, dedication, devotion and tragedy. The city also has a small casino in one of the historical buildings. There is a sentimental memorial to the large Jewish community that lived in the city and suffered unspeakable atrocities during the Holocaust.

Berdychiv is not a large city, as its estimated population does not surpass 100 000 residents. But is has been a very important trading city since the year 1917, and proudly carries on that tradition. The industries that are found in Berdychiv include a sugar refinery, clothes factories, engineering plants and a tannery.

It is an industrious city with many interesting and spellbinding stories to tell. The architecture, sights and attractions that Berdychiv has to offer makes it worth the visit. Berdychiv is a wonderful destination that has a surprise waiting around every corner.

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