A Strong Greek Culture makes Mariupol Unique

The city of Mariupol is situated in the southeastern parts of Ukraine, which belongs to the Donets'k province. Mariupol is an Eastern European seaport and is located near the Kalmius River, which leads into the Azov Sea. The port provides a lot of work for many of the 500 thousand inhabitants in Mariupol and encourages industries like steel mills, which provide much of the products exported out of the country.

Mariupol was first founded in the 16th century, but only became the first established city in the Donets’k province in the 18th century. In the 16th century the city was just a fortress used by the Cossack Military unit, people well known for their military skills. Today the city is a thriving industrial center and is visited by hundreds of tourists during the year for its beaches and resort facilities.

The city of Mariupol is also known as a center for Greek culture and is home to as many as 70% of all Greeks living in the Ukraine. The large majority of the inhabitants of Mariupol are Ukrainian and Russian but there are also Jews, Armenians, Tatar and Belorussians occupying this city.

The architecture of the Mariupol differs depending on where you are. If you are in old Mariupol you will see a combination of pre-revolutionary architecture and modern buildings that have been built in more recent years. The center of Mariupol is made up of commercial and administrative buildings and is not really residential.

As you walk around Mariupol, especially near the center of town, you will see many parks like the Gurov’s Meadow Park, the City Square (where many theatrical productions take place) and the public City Gardens. Other attractions include monuments of many leaders and people who have done exceptional things for their country. Look out for monuments dedicated to Lenin V.I., Shevchenko T.G., Vysotsky V and Makar Mazay.

There are many hotels located in Mariupol, each with their own style and ambiance, providing visitors with comfortable accommodation and hearty meals. Some of the hotels you may want to keep in mind for your next visit to Mariupol include the Meridian, Chaika, Azovstal, Druzhba and the Sniper. There is also plenty of entertainment to keep one busy in the evening in the form of night clubs and casinos. You will definitely not regret making your next holiday a trip to Mariupol.

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