Feodosia – Coastal Gem on the Shores of the Black Sea

Feodosia is a rewarding and worthwhile place to visit, so come on a journey filled with adventure, you will not be disappointed. Situated on the southeast coast of Crimea, Feodosia has a population of about 60,000, and is located about 2 hours drive from Simferopol.

The history of Crimea’s Feodosia stretches back to ancient times. It became known as an important Turkish sea port and also became a very important trade and financial center on the Black Sea coast after coming under Turkish rule in 1475.

Feodosia is a very popular resort city in Ukraine and boasts lovely beaches, mineral springs and mud baths. The Crimean town is also well-known for its agriculture and fisheries, with local industries including fishing, brewing and canning. The port town of Feodosia is also known as a wonderful tourist destination, especially in the summer months when many tourists come from all over to enjoy the town’s many cafés and restaurants as well as open-air bars along the boardwalks. There are also stunning beaches in Feodosia where you can cool off during the summer heat, as this part of Crimea gets the most annual sunshine.

Feodosia also offers tourists fantastic day trips with much to do and see. Also worth your time is to take a trip to the Karadag Nature Reserve, where you can see fascinating and unusual rock formations. Feodosia is also full of ancient monuments that you can visit, so make sure you don’t miss out on this part of your trip. A Famous Russian painter named Ayvasovsky lived in Feodosia for a many years. Ayvasovsky built a gallery here and today it is one of the most important museums of the city. There is also the popular museum of Russian writer Alexander Grin. This is a must-see.

Today, Feodosia is popular for its wide range of recreation activities, so bring along your family or a loved one to share this delightful experience with you. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits for those lovely sandy beaches. Also, there are numerous choices of accommodation for you and your family such as flats and hotels, just for your comfort. Book now and see this fascinating place on the Crimean coastline.

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