Public Services and Transportation of Ukraine

As with all countries, public services in Ukraine are vital for the effective functioning of the country, providing a sound infrastructure. Public service refers to the supplying of commodities or services to the public or community and are usually cared for on a municipal level. Ukraine's public services sector is responsible for law enforcement bodies, water supply, electricity, public transportation, waste disposal, communication networks, education and other necessities.

The police services in Ukraine are vital for the maintenance of law and order. Ukraine’s police force has recently undergone several reforms. Central, regional and local police authorities are active in Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine acts as the central authority. Mounted police also play an important role role in Ukraine and can often be seen patrolling the streets.

Water is vital to life. Ukraine’s water sector has grown dramatically in last few years. Machinery has been imported and technology updated. Efforts have been made to distribute, use and conserve Ukraine’s limited water supplies. Ukraine is still developing its own waste management and disposal infrastructure. There has also been improvements in the waste recycling equipment market. About 51 forms of waste are recycled and recovered in Ukraine particularly steel slag and coal waste. Municipal waste makes up just 2% of the waste generated. Ukraine’s municipal waste is disposed in some 700 landfills, however, the majority are not environmentally friendly, creating much pollution. Only a small percentage of paper, glass and scrap metal is being recycled. Two incineration plants are operating in Ukraine.

Electricity has become an important commodity in everyday life and people in today’s world rely heavily on the use of electricity. Ukraine has 14 thermal power stations, 2 hydro power stations and 5 nuclear power stations. Electricity is provided both by the state companies and private companies. There are 27 state electricity distribution companies active within Ukraine. They are responsible for distributing electricity at regulated tariffs as well as supplying related services.

Public transportation in Ukraine is well-developed. Making use of Ukraine’s public transportation systems is inexpensive and an easy way to get around. Transportation includes the subway, buses, trolleybuses and trams. If you are planning on using the subway it is advisable to get a map in your language for ease of navigation. When using trams and trolleybuses you purchase your ticket from the conductor and then punch it in the ticket machine in the vehicle. Always remember to keep your valuables in a safe place when using public transportation.

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