The Political Parties and Government of Ukraine

Ukraine is a Republic and the current President is Viktor Yanukovych. When it comes to the functioning of Ukraine's government, the President and Prime Minister possess executive power. The Verkhovna Rada holds legislative power. Presidential elections take place by popular vote. Whilst the President is responsible for selecting a Prime Minister and cabinet, it requires the approval of the Verkhovna Rada.

The Verkhovna Rada or Supreme Council of Ukraine’s government is a unicameral body of 450 members who have been elected. Ukraine has been demarcated into 24 provinces with the self-governing republic of Crimea.

Ukraine is a multi-party country. Many parties have formed coalitions or blocs for election purposes. Disagreements between party leaders have also brought about new parties with similar political objectives. By forming blocs the parties are able to make more representation. Parties must have 4% of the vote to have a representative in parliament.

Below is a list of political parties in Ukraine. Those Ukrainian political parties which form blocs are listed together.

Party of Regions (ruling)

Bloc Yuliya Tymoshenko:
All Ukrainian United Fatherland
Ukrainian Social Democratic Party

Bloc Our Ukraine:
People’s Union Our Ukraine
People’s Movement of Ukraine
Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine
Ukrainian Republican Party Assembly
Christian Democratic Union

People’s Opposition Bloc:
Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine
Rus’-Ukrainian Union

Lytvyn’s People’s Bloc:
Peoples’s party
Ukrainian Peasant Democratic Party
Party of All-Ukrainian Union of the Left “Justice”

Ukrainian National Bloc of Kostenko and Plyushch:
Political Party Cathedral Ukraine
Party of Free Peasants and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine
Ukrainian People’s Party

Civil Political Bloc Pora-Reforms and Order Party:
Reforms and Order Party

Opposition Bloc “Ne Tak”:
Republican Party of Ukraine
Social Democratic Party of Ukraine
All-Ukrainian Union Center
Women for the Future

Individual parties:
Socialist Party of Ukraine
Communist Party of Ukraine

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