Communication and Internet Options in Ukraine

When visiting another country it is important to know about their communications systems so that you can keep in contact with friends and family back home and communicate with people within the country. Ukraine's communications infrastructure is generally well-developed in the cities and tourist areas. Internet in Ukraine is particularly popular in the major cities. The National Commission on Communication Regulation of Ukraine is the country's telecommunications regulatory body and is responsible for everything related to telecommunications in Ukraine. It is this body that ensures that Ukraine's communications systems run at their optimum.


In recent years, Ukraine’s telephone network has been upgraded and new equipment installed. Digital telephone exchanges are used extensively in large cities and suburban areas, but telephone connections are sometimes a problem in rural areas and smaller towns. Telephone calls in Ukraine are paid at a per minute rate. Hotels will usually charge 2 to 3 times more than what the telephone companies do. When making a phone call from Ukraine to another country you must dial the following: Dial 8, wait for dial tone, dial 10 plus the country code, area code and telephone number. IP-telephony cards are popular in Ukraine and can be bought at news stalls and computer shops. There are five cellular telephone operators in Ukraine operating with GSM so it is possible for visitors to use their cell phones in Ukraine. International roaming is, however, relatively expensive.


Though an inexpensive form of communication in Ukraine, mail is rather slow. If you need items delivered quickly it is better to make use of a courier service. When sending packages to Ukraine, many items will require clearance by customs which can cost a lot in fees.

Mass Media

Mass media is a vital method of dispensing information and news to the populace. It is also a great means of entertainment. For more information on mass media in Ukraine, visit the following pages on this site: Ukraine Radio, Ukraine TV and Newspapers.

Internet Access

Internet in Ukraine has grown quickly in urban areas. Internet cafes are located throughout important cities and costs are minimal. Internet connection speeds tend to be slow in Ukraine and occasionally you will be unable to connect, particularly on older telephone lines. If you have a laptop, it is best to make use of prepaid time cards. These Internet cards can be bought at news stalls and computer shops.

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