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    Religion and Churches

    As with most European countries, Ukrainians were originally a pagan nation of idol worshippers. In 988 AD, Prince Vladimir the Great of Kiev accepted Orthodox Christianity and brought the entire country under the influence of the Byzantine Empire. The period was characterized by mass baptisms when many of the Prince’s subjects converted to Christianity. Despite changes over the past 1000 ...

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    Since ancient times, religion has taken one of the most important places in Ukrainian culture.

  • Church of the Tithes

    Not many buildings so old, have endured so much or have been the topic of so much debate than the Church of the Tithes. Originally named the “Church of Our Lady” and now officially known as the “Church of the Assumption of the Virgin”, this fascinating historical attraction no longer stands in its original form. In fact, it no longer stands at all. All that remains today of what was the ...