Join the Fun of the International Folk Festival in Komsomolsk

Komsomolsk is one of the youngest cities in Ukraine. It is a town of action with many programs on the go, giving the city a spirit of accomplishment and achievement. The town’s people are very proud of their young city as they work hard to continue its development.

Komsomolsk in Ukraine lies on the banks of the Dnipro River, about 110 km from Poltava. The young city had its beginning in 1960 and even though the city is new, the land is very rich in history dating back to 4000 to 3000 B.C. Also, trade routes passed through here starting at the time of the Bronze Age.

In the mid 1950s through to 1961, development started and so began construction of the quarry mining industry in Komsomolsk. In January 1961 the first new residents to Komsomolsk arrived by train from Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk. Soon more came from Kiev and Lviv, thus grew the town of Komsomolsk.

Today, Komsomolsk is one of the most progressive industrial and cultural medium-sized cities in Ukraine. The city was one of the first to pass its own charter and a socio-economic strategic development plan. The town’s main economic activity is mining, which accounts for 94% of all industrial production in Ukraine. Komsomolsk also has many interesting programs that are approved by the city council with the goal to achieve an effective model of development for public utilities and budgeting, providing the residents with quality services at an optimal price.

Komsomolsk is also known for its rich cultural and sports life. Every year the city hosts the International Folk Festival; sporting competitions such as shooting, chess, tennis, swimming, badminton, cycling and boxing; and nation-wide competitions in triathlon, judo, kayaking, canoeing and soccer. There are many other wonderful activities here in Komsomolsk to enjoy. Why not go for a picnic in the surrounding areas and enjoy the peace and tranquility of some stunning rivers where you can also enjoy some fishing. Back in the town you can do a little bit of shopping as there are plenty traditional arts and crafts to take back home with you as souvenirs.

Komsomolsk is a destination in Ukraine you don’t want to miss!

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