Nova Kakhovka – Move to the Beat of the Tavria Games International Music Festival

In the southern part of Ukraine, adjacent to Crimea, you will find the Kherson Oblast, an area covering some 29 000 square kilometers of land. Within the region you will find three main cities, Kherson (the administrative center of the region), Kakhovka and Nova Kakhovka. Each city is distinctly unique in its own special way and is worth a short visit if you travel to Ukraine. Nova Kakhova is an especially popular destination as the city regularly hosts an annual international music festival known as the Tavria Games.

Nova Kakhovka in Ukraine has long played an important role in the history of the country as an chief river port. The port is connected to both the Dnieper River and the vast Kakhovka Reservoir, so it’s role has long had far-reaching effects on the local economy. Nova Kakhovka currently has a population of roughly 54 000 people. The city started life in 1952 when it was founded on the remains of the village of Klyuchevoe. The choice of location was obvious since Klyuchevoe had been in direct proximity of the newly established Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant dam. Nova Kakhovka was to serve as a home for those helping to build the hydroelectric power plant. The choice of the name ‘Nova Kakhovka’ had to do with the fact that the city of Kakhovka was located approximately 15 kilometers away. Despite the fact that the city was originally established to serve as a temporary home for those involved in the construction of the power plant, many of the workers who had lived here during that time elected to stay on after their work on the plant was complete.

Today, the main industrial function of Nova Kakhovka continues to be electro technology and power production. The city is easily accessed via route E58 which runs near the city. The city can also be accessed via rail, air and even by water, since the port is not only connected to the Dnieper river and the Khakovka Reservoir, but also to the Black Sea. So the next time you are in the area, why not visit Nova Kakhovka? Even if you only visit for the Tavria Games, you will discover that the city itself is a bright, attractive place that is warm and inviting.

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