Slavyansk – Hot Springs and Prestigious Health Resort

Slavyansk is located within the province of Donetsk, which is stiuated in the eastern parts of Ukraine. When Slavyansk, also spelled Slovyansk, was first founded in 1676, it was a fortress called Tor. The military building was built near where two rivers, the Sukhyy Torets and Kazenyy Torets, joined together. These two rivers then merged together and became the Torets River, which eventually become a tributary of the Donets River.

With so many people occupying the fortress, proper living conditions and facilities were needed. Later the town of Tor was established near to the fortress and close to the Torets River. Also located near the vicinity of the town were a number of salt lakes. The town of Tor decided to use these natural resources to their benefit and produce large amounts of salt, which could then be sold. This proved to be a successful enterprise and soon the production of salt was the main industry of the town. However, by December 1782 the production of salt was not making enough money to sustain Tor and came to a grinding halt. Two years later, the town was given its new name Slavyansk.

Today the city of Slaviansk has grown into a bustling city with over 129 600 inhabitants. The city is also one of the main centers in the Donetsk region. Slaviansk is now recognized as a prestigious health resort with hot spring facilities and is visited by hundreds of people every year. The success of the health resort is mainly because of the mud springs, saline waters, coal and rock salt, which naturally occur in Slaviansk. Other industries in Slovyansk include soda works, the production of machinery, pencils and ceramics.

Slavyansk is a beautiful city and with the main attraction being a health resort, it is a must see. Here you will not only be able to enjoy the picturesque views of the city, but you will be able to take time out to enjoy the natural resources that promise to rejuvenate you and make you feel like a new person. There are also many other sights and attractions to see and take part in while you are here in Slaviansk

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