Ski Resort Bukovel
Undoubtedly, the ski resort Bukovel is the leader among the best in Ukraine and it definitely does not need advertising. Every year, all fans of extreme sports and those who simply want a varied and interesting rest, not only from Ukraine but also from abroad gather here.

This resort is universal. There are professional challenging tracks, tracks of medium difficulty, training tracks, a ski school and many winter activities for adults and children.

On the territory of the complex VODA club is located, here reigns the atmosphere of relaxation. That is why this is the greatest place to unload muscles after descents by Bukovel slopes. VODA club includes swimming pools, saunas, relaxation area with professional masseurs and a gym with huge panoramic windows and views of the mountain lake.

On the territory of Bukovel the first in Ukraine toboggan track was created. All its visitors are able to enjoy for about three kilometers of a new lighted trail with exciting turns and incredible impressions.


Also, children and adults of all ages can go in for exciting snow tube riding. To ride a snow tube it is not required to have special skills or great physical shape.


The complex has the longest trolley in Ukraine – this is a high-speed descent on a roller on a steeply inclined cable. The coolest thing is that this exciting adventure can be videotaped using the action camera “Go pro”. This service is offered along with great photos for memory. The length of the trolley “Bukovel” is 1130 meters and is one of the 10 longest in Europe.

A ride on sleds with sled dogs of the Siberian Husky breed through the forest will also be wonderful and fun entertainment. You can try controlling the whole route yourself.


Bukovel also includes a free skating rink. An open-air skating rink with clear mountain air is an ideal place for a romantic date or an opportunity to have fun and exciting time with friends.


And if you want to try something radically new – “Bike zip” – this is an opportunity to ride a bike on the cable car stretched across the lake and enjoy the panoramic view of the Carpathians. You can definitely feel the taste of adventure and crazy drive.

Of course, there are many hotels in Bukovel, but one will definitely surprise you. “Ice Hotel Bukovel” – a unique hotel built of snow and ice. Here you can not only take a photo and eat in the kitchen made of snow using ice plates, but also spend the night in an ice room, but in warm sleeping bags and under the warm natural blankets.

If you are willing to experience a real explosion of emotions – the adrenaline tower in Bukovel will be perfect. This is the highest station for rope-jumping in Ukraine with a height of 28 meters. Ideal for those who like the thrill of free fall.

And even this is not all the entertainments that Bukovel surprises its visitors with. To cut the long story short, you must go and check by yourself.

Meanwhile, enjoy real-time Bukovel webcams. 

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