Pryluky – A Legacy of Courage, Attractions and Development

Even though the city of Pryluky was only mentioned the first time by Prince Vladimir Monomakh in the year 1085, archaeologists believe that their excavations prove that the city is much older. They estimate that the first settlers in this part of the Chernihiv Oblast of Ukraine lived here in the second millennium BC. This indicates that Pryluky is one of the oldest cities in the entire country.

As with many Ukrainian cities and towns, Pryluky has had its fair amount
of battles and has seen many invaders enter the city, only to destroy it. Women
and children were often victims of the onslaughts by invaders that included the Mongols,
the Polovtsians and lords of Lithuania. It was in the year 1569, that the
brave residents and those of surrounding areas finally admitted defeat. Throughout
their history, they courageously defended the city and nobly rebuilt it
each time it was plundered. But, this time it was different. Pryluky fell
under the rule of Poland, and locals fled their beloved city. They did not
run too far, which actually caused the city to grow rapidly, instead of
declining. Soon, many other fleeing citizens from all over the region started
to gather on the outskirts of Pryluky. This led to an uprising and
empowerment of the peasants and settlers that not even the Polish could
fight. The estimated population of 5,000 people in the year 1632 has kept
on growing to become the approximate population of 65,000 as seen

The air force base that is located in Pryluky, is the pride of the entire
Chernihiv Region. As the biggest strategic base in Ukraine, it was a
significant contributor during the Cold War. Visitors can also look forward to
exploring beautiful old buildings such as the cathedral that was constructed
in the year 1806 in honor of the Nativity of the Theotokos, as well as the Cossack built cathedrals that proudly display their spectacular domes. The 1720 St
Nicholas cathedral is another wonderful Ukrainian religious site to visit, as is the
civil building.

Pryluky is also known for its agricultural significance. It is bustling
with business and industries, such as textiles and clothing, food, oil and
engineering. It can offer visitors the splendor of historic buildings,
together with the progress of a motivated city.

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