Healing Waters of Truskavets

Tucked away in a picturesque valley of the Carpathian foothills in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine, the town of Truskavets is famous for its mineral springs that are reputed to have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Although many of the more than 200,000 visitors to Truskavets each year are from Ukraine or neighboring Russia, the reputation of this mineral rich area also draws visitors from other parts of the world as people seek relief from their ailments and a better quality of life – or maybe the elixir of youth!

Truskavets is set in wooded slopes with gently flowing, crystal clear rivers. These pristine surroundings and the pure, clean air, along with the fourteen natural mineral springs, contribute significantly to the town’s health-restoring reputation. Visitors to the mineral baths, which are believed to have been established in 1827, make use of balneotherapy, which can treat a wide range of ailments. Balneotherapy is a method of treatment that involves bathing in mineral-rich water. It may involve the use of hot or cold water, or alternating between the two, as well as massage via the movement of water. In addition to the relaxing effect that is achieved by being immersed in mineral-rich water, many of the minerals, such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, silica, sulfur, radium, and selenium, are absorbed into the body via the skin. Balneotherapy can also refer to the drinking of mineral-rich waters, which is a common practice at Truskavets. Interestingly, Truskavets contains one of the world’s largest deposits of ozocerite, commonly called “mountain wax” – a mineral which has many of the qualities of beeswax and is used in a wide variety of products, including health and beauty treatments.

Great success has been reported in treatments for kidney and urinary tract diseases, diseases of the digestive organs, metabolic diseases, as well as degenerative diseases such as the many forms of arthritis and central nervous system ailments. A wide range of treatments are available according to each individual’s needs and dedicated, highly trained staff go to great lengths to ensure their clients are given the best possible treatment.

Just enjoying the natural beauty of Truskavets is enough to soothe the soul. Add to this the therapeutic mineral waters to be found in the beautiful region of Ukraine, and visitors are sure to leave Truskavets feeling a whole lot better than when they arrived.