Simeiz – Crimea’s Picturesque Holiday Destination

Looking to try something different? Want to get away from it all and unwind in a beautiful location? Then you might want to consider Simeiz as your next holiday destination. This lovely little town in Crimea, Ukraine, is a resort town that is just begging to be enjoyed by vacationers.

The little town of Simeiz in Ukraine really has a lot to offer the average visitor. To start with, it has a stunning location. Situated on the southern slopes of the Crimean Mountains – more specifically at the base of the legendary Mount Koshka (Cat Mountain) – the town affords visitors striking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It also opens up onto the sea, giving you a great coastal experience. It has a 100 meter above sea level elevation and a population of only 6,501 people. This is the ideal place to relax, unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life. It is also a place where you truly can take a moment to enjoy the immense natural beauty of the Crimea. If you visit from June to October you may even be tempted to swim as the warm weather even heats up the water to around 24 degrees Celsius.

Simeiz in Ukraine also has a great historical legacy. It has been inhabited by various tribal groups since the Neolithic ages. It started to take on its current form in the late 1700s after the Crimea was joined to Russia and Queen Ekaterina II decided to present the surrounding lands to her most favored nobles. In 1828 Count I.A. Maltsov realized the potential of this beautiful location and developed a seaside resort – one which was frequented by a number of nobles initially. By 1913 the resort town was so well developed, that it won 1st place in the International Contest of Resorts for being the most beautiful and greenest holiday destination. Today the vast majority of the buildings in Simeiz were built before 1917, giving the town a unique sense of character. Many of the old buildings and homes are very pretty and decorative and well worth exploring. There is also an observatory in Simeiz which might be worth visiting. If you want to feel the refreshing coastal breezes and take in the striking vistas for yourself, make sure that your next trip to Ukraine takes you to the beautiful little town of Simieiz.