Alushta – An Ideal Holiday Getaway

Located on the Black Sea between Sudak and Gurzuf on the south coast of the Crimea peninsula, the popular resort town of Alushta is set against a scenic backdrop of rugged mountains that rise up to a height of around 5,000 feet. This is the destination of choice for thousands of holiday-makers from throughout Ukraine as well as from its neighboring countries, particularly Russia. The area is noted for its distinctive rocky terrain, which supports a surprising amount of lush vegetation.

Alushta was established in the sixth century by Emperor Justinian and evidence of its long, and sometimes turbulent, history can be found in the town and surrounding area. There are remains of a Byzantine defensive tower, as well as a 15th century Genoese fortress. During rulership by the Byzantine Empire, the town was called Aluston, while during Genoese rule it was referred to as Lusta. There were times of unrest and hardship during Alushta’s past, but now as a town in Crimea, an autonomous republic of Ukraine, Alushta enjoys peaceful conditions in idyllic surroundings.

During the holiday seasons, visitors mingle with one another along the town’s seaside promenade, Naberejnaya, in a relaxed atmosphere, while others may be stretched out on the adjacent pebbled beaches or swimming in the clear, tranquil waters of the Black Sea. Rows of vendors with their small stands market their endless variety of reasonably-priced products and services to holiday-makers. Buyers are sure to find something to suit their taste from the vendors selling cold beer, home-made wines, fresh watermelons, sweet grapes, delicious peaches, roasted corn on the cob, eggplant, garlic, onions, dried fish, and cheese and meat-filled pastries.

Colorful rickshaws add to the festive atmosphere as they weave their way in and out of the flow of pedestrian traffic with their drivers trying to persuade walkers to take a ride along the promenade. Enterprising photographers invite passersby to pose with a monkey or falcon perched on their shoulder, or to dress up as Rasputin or Marie Antoinette to have their photograph taken, while tour operators compete with one another to entice holiday-makers to explore the natural and historical wonders of the surrounding areas. Certainly, visitors to Alushta are given a warm welcome and are assured of a memorable holiday.