Scuba Diving – Svityaz Lake and other popular Locations

Since many people associate Ukraine with cold weather and icy water, not many people venture to this part of Europe with the idea of dipping themselves in the local lakes and rivers. Still swimming and scuba diving in Ukraine is not unheard of and in the summer months both activities are quite popular. If you are planning a trip to Ukraine soon, you will find that there are quite a few interesting scuba diving opportunities available to you.

Ukraine is home to approximately 3000 lakes, most of which enjoy sparkling clean water and provide excellent diving conditions. Filled with a wonderful variety of underwater animals, these lakes provide near perfect conditions for the sport. The clearness of the water combined with the abundant animal life and stunning wilderness settings are virtually unbeatable. Of course it helps to already have a scuba diving license before booking yourself on such an excursion but there are many qualified scuba diving instructors operating in Ukraine so you may well be able to enjoy this experience even if you don’t have one. Getting qualified, however, does take time so some prior experience is definitely recommended. If you are still worried about the temperature of the water, remember that most dive companies will willingly provide you with wonderfully thick and warm wetsuits that will keep you covered from head-to-toe, sealing in the warmth and keeping out the cold.

A very popular scuba diving spot at the moment is the Svityaz Lake. This beautiful lake is part of a national nature reserve in Ukraine, so visitors can expect to be surrounded by the many wonders of nature and to enjoy every part of their scuba diving excursion. Lately, night diving has become a popular aspect of scuba diving in Ukraine. Divers are often able to see a lot more fish and other underwater creatures at night than they would see during the day and the glint of their scales against the light of the divers’ torches can be absolutely mesmerizing. So if you enjoy a great underwater adventure, why not try scuba diving in Ukraine? Simply contact your nearest travel agent for more details.

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