Scuba Diving off the Crimean Coast

Whether you are an experienced Scuba diver or are simply getting started, there are a number of exciting underwater opportunities awaiting you in the Black Sea off the Crimean coast in Ukraine. Fascinating natural features, sunken ships, hidden treasures and even the ruins of city can be found while Scuba diving beneath these waters.

The marvelous selection of natural wonders below the surface of the water includes various vertical walls, crevices, grottos and stone gardens. Particularly popular are the Scuba diving sites near to Cape Ay-Ya, Cape Sarych, Cape Fiolent and Shark’s Head. Amidst the caves and stone features are a variety of marine creatures including grey mullets, crabs, jellyfish, dogfish, sprats and dolphins.

Fans of shipwreck scuba diving will be spoiled for choice. It is believed that approximately 60 000 vessels have sunk in this section of the Black Sea and numerous treasures have been found amidst the remnants of ships. A number of military vessels met their end in these waters during the Crimean War, which took place from 1853 to 1856. Included amongst these is the well-known British frigate “Prince” said to have held some 20 000 Pound Sterling of silver and gold. Another legendary British frigate, now known as “The Drunken Jack”, went to the bottom of the sea carrying large amounts of cognac and wine. Other reminders of the war include the “Lord Reglan”, “Gung”, “Duchess of Glendaloge” and “London”. The Second World War also contributed to this submarine museum, with the sinking of the German “Santa Fe” along with her ammunition, bombs and 12 cannons. Also worth visiting is a spot near Golubaya Harbor where a 50 meter schooner met its end.

Not to be forgotten by scuba divers is the historic city of Khersoness, at 12 to 18 meters below the water surface. This fascinating dive site opens up a world of towers, fortifications, belfries, passageways, monuments and more. In addition to this, many remnants of ships dashed against the reefs of the Khersoness Harbor are found in this archaeological preserve, including the world’s most impressive concentration of anchors, some dating back to medieval times.

If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, be sure to take advantage of these many fascinating dive sites in the Black Sea of Ukraine. Scuba diving equipment is available for hire and experienced dive-masters are waiting to take you on the excursion of a life-time.