The Many Faces of Ukraine

Situated in Central Europe between Russia Poland and Romania – amongst others – Ukraine is a wonderful and dynamic country worth visiting. The people are warm and friendly and the culture is diverse and rich. The landscape is also worth seeing since it is incredibly beautiful. Architecture is rather an odd mixture of styles often found in the surrounding countries and this can leave you feeling as if you’ve stepped into another world from time to time. Certainly, Ukraine has a lot to see and do.

The tourism industry in Ukraine is slowly starting to grow. Natural wonders such as the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Carpathian and Crimean mountain ranges are a wonder to behold. Some of the mountains peak at more than 5000 feet. Most of them are covered by pine, fir, beech, lime, elm and oak trees. In other parts of the country you will find broad grassy steppes. There are several lakes and rivers which only serve to enhance this natural beauty.

There are also many things and places of interest to visit. For example, the Dnieper – which is one of the longest rivers in Europe – is not only attractive but also provides Ukraine with hydroelectric power. Cities such as Kiev, Yalta and Odessa are rich in history and architecture and are great for exploring and touring.

While winters can be typically European with temperatures below 30 degrees in some places, you can be sure that the friendliness of the people – and a good coat or two – will warm you right up. Summers are mild and enjoyable though they can get warm in certain parts of the country and the country often experiences good rainfall during this season. This makes for good growing conditions and Ukraine grows a number of different crops – both for local use and for export.

As you make your way around Ukraine, you can be sure that you will find many tidbits of fascinating information regarding the history and culture of the country. The country is well developed and has been long established so there is lots to see and do. Ukraine is definitely a destination worth trying.