Roztochchya Reserve – Enchanting Forests Filled With a Variety of Tree Species

Many people do not realize just how beautiful Ukraine is until they are shown some travel brochures for the first time. Suddenly this beautiful country comes alive to them and they become enchanted with the idea of traveling to Ukraine and enjoying the many natural wonders that can be found here. The Roztochchya Reserve is one place in Ukraine where you can appreciate the natural beauty of Ukraine. The entire reserve is classified as being a forest-steppe zone and the area is filled with a wonderful variety of trees and other plants.

If you are an amateur botanist or even if you just appreciate the natural beauty of trees, the Roztochchya Reserve is the ideal reserve to explore. The majority of the reserve is covered in pine, beech, oak and ash trees, though this is certainly not all you will find here. These beautiful and majestic trees not only compliment the landscape, but they also provide a home for hundreds of birds and animals. As the forests taper out, swampy areas start to take hold with willow and birch trees becoming more prolific. Other plants also spring up in between to create a cool and sheltered environment. These marshy areas are fed by rivers which feed out into the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, and the Roztochchya Reserve serves as a watershed for both rivers. In all the area has approximately 28 different plant species and 17 species of animals, which are also listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

The Roztochchya Reserve is situated in the Lviv region of Ukraine and it was established in 1984. A need was seen to create an area of preservation in the area because of the variety of productive forest ecosystems which occurred naturally in the region. Today the laws which were put into effect to protect the area are in full effect and the area is flourishing as a result of these conservation efforts. The Roztochchya Reserve currently falls under the control of the Ministry of Education and Science. Why not visit this beautiful reserve and learn more about Ukraine’s stunning forest-steppe biological zones? You may be amazed at just how intricate and interesting nature can be.

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