Cheremskyi Nature Reserve – Leader in Sustainable Development

Ukraine is filled with many stunning wilderness areas which have been carefully chosen for preservation for a number of different reasons. In some instances these nature reserves and national parks in Ukraine have been chosen purely to ensure the protection and continued survival of their unique ecologies. In other instances a certain area may have been chosen purely for their research value. The Cheremskyi Nature Reserve was created both for the protection of the natural habitats within the reserve and for the purpose of study and research.

This beautiful reserve was only established in 2001, and while serving as a place where the unique natural ecosystems of the area could be protected and preserved for future generations, it has also been used to a greater level of knowledge and awareness regarding the sustainable use of natural resources. This knowledge enables nature protection authorities to be better informed with regards to what sort of farming and tree-felling practices will negatively affect the natural environment to the extent where they will no longer be able to recover. Thus, these experiments go a long way towards helping humans understand how they can better live in harmony with their natural surroundings. The Cheremskyi Nature Reserve in Ukraine features mixed forest zone and is home to a variety of plants and wildlife. Of the many different species found in this nature reserve, four plant species and eleven animal species are currently listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

So the next time you pass a picturesque farm in Ukraine, think about this beautiful nature reserve which has done so much to increase awareness about sustainable development and farming practices in Ukraine. The Cheremskyi Nature Reserve currently falls under the administration of the State Forestry Committee and it is definitely worth a visit if you have the time. Why not contact your tour guide now to see if you can arrange a tour of this beautiful natural area? You may be surprised at just how much you can learn about living in harmony with nature at this stunning national park.

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