Karpatskyi Biosphere Reserve – Uncover the Secrets of the Carpathian Mountains

If you are looking for a place where you can relax and unwind as well as enjoy some of the great mountain air in Ukraine, the Karpatskyi Biosphere Reserve is definitely the place to go. This reserve was founded in 1968 and it not only features several different massifs, but it also encompasses the Karpatskyi National Park with its many different facilities, including a health spa and sporting facilities. This means that visitors can relax and unwind while discovering the absolutely breathtaking views provided by the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

Most people do not really know what a massif is, but if you look it up in the dictionary you will find that it is most simply defined as a compact portion of mountain range with more than one summit. This is a good description of the massifs found in the Karpatskyi Biosphere Reserve in Ukraine. Situated in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, the reserve encompasses five massifs and because of this, it also enjoys very varied biological zones. The first massif is known as the Ugolsko-Shyrokoluzhansky massif. It has an altitude of 400 to 1350 meters above sea level and features somewhat unique and ancient beech forests. It also has a great number of caves. The Chornogir massif has an altitude of between 800 and 2 062 meters, which makes it the highest massif in the reserve. The massif enjoys several vegetation zones and so a lot of varied vegetation can be found here. You will find pure beech, mixed beech, spruce, fir, ash, elm, sycamore maple and maple forests as well as rock pine, green alder and Siberian juniper trees all on this massif alone. The Marmarosk massif is somewhat less impressive in the way of trees but it still enjoys a good variety. What makes this massif unique is the fact that it is situated near the Marmaros crystalline mountains. The massif’s forests are very productive, and the area is well-established and stable, providing hiking trails and opportunities to observe the wildlife in the area.

Other massifs include the Svidovets massif and the Khust massif. The Svidovets massif has the largest population of common and cliff oaks to be found in the Ukraine while the Khust massif is located in a valley not far from the town of Khust. A rather rare and protected plant known as the narcissus grows naturally here in abundance so the Khust massif and valley are very special. Clearly the Karpatskyi Biosphere Reserve has plenty to offer and it should form part of every tourists travel itinerary.

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