Swallow’s Nest – Medieval Castle Linked to Mystery and Crime

Swallow's Nest is a tiny medieval castle which may seem small and unobtrusive, but has been featured in many books and short brochures linked to crime and mystery. Due to this, Swallow's Nest near Crimea - a Republic of Southern Ukraine - has become one of the better-known sights in Ukraine. The castle was built in the early twentieth century between 1911 and 1912 on a cliff that juts out over the Black Sea.

There are different forms of transport that you can take to get to Swallow’s Nest. If you are coming from Yalta then you can take the bus or you can take the ferry which is recommended. By using the ferry you will be able to get a unique view of this famous castle that stands magnificently above where the ferry docks.

Once you are off the ferry it just takes a couple of steps up to the Swallows Nest entrance where you will be required to pay a fee before entering into the grounds. This fee gives you access only to the grounds surrounding the attractive building. Apart from that there isn’t anything more to view. The main building of Swallow’s Nest is out of bounds and one is not able to view more of this pretty little place than that which you can see from the outside.

The inside of the Swallow’s Nest castle contains two levels with a foyer leading to the two bedrooms and the guest room. To get to the two levels there is a stairway and higher up there is a tower to look out from. There is, however, a restaurant where one can get a drink or a bite to eat.

There is still much activity around the building as there are trinket sellers offering their wares to all the visitors and others offering to take your photograph. Some even have pets like monkeys and peacocks with them, which they offer to accompany you in the photograph if you so desire.

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