Translation of Ukraine Language

Ukraine's official language is Ukrainian. The language makes use of the Cyrillic alphabet. Ukrainian has an impressive history originating from the ancient Old East Slavic language. Imperial Russia banned the use of Ukrainian twice, yet it survived as an integral part of the culture of Ukraine's people. Only recently has Ukrainian begun to grow again being spoken mainly in western Ukraine and rural areas. Literature is also being produced in Ukrainian after years of suppression.

A number of modern Ukrainian dialects have come into being over the years. In northern Ukraine these dialects are east Polissian, central Polissian and west Polissian. In the south-east you will come across middle Dnieprian, Sloboda, Steppe and Kuban. To the south west the following are prominent: Podillian, Volynian, Pokuttia, upper Dniestrian, upper Sannian, Hutsul, Boyko, Lemko, Transcarpathian, Pryashiv-rusyn and Bačka-rusyn. Other languages spoken in the Ukraine are Hungarian, Jakati, Greek, Vlax Romani, Carpathian Romani, Romanian, Ukrainian sign-language and Urum.

Interestingly, Ukrainian is also spoken by immigrants in Canada, the United States of America and a few South American countries. These communities originally came from Galicia and speak a different dialect of Ukrainian.

Why not learn a few Ukrainian phrases before visiting the country. You will find that the people will greatly appreciate your efforts even if it is a simple greeting. Many free online English-Ukrainian translators are available. Such free online Ukrainian translators are also available in other languages. Below we have provided you with a few useful phrases in the Ukrainian language:

Hello – vitayu
Good-bye – do pobachennya
Yes – tak
No – ni
Thank you – dyakuyu
Please – proshu
I do not understand – ya ne rozumiyu
What is your name – yak vas zvaty?
My name is … – Mene zvaty …

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