Korets – Retrace the Footsteps of Aleksandr Pushkin’s One Great Love

Along the Korchyk River in the Rivne Oblast, lies the quaint town of Korets. You will not find this picturesque town on most maps and it has a mere population of approximately 8,500 residents. Its size should not discourage visitors from exploring this spectacular town as it overflows with a fascinating history and many noteworthy sights to discover.

The town of Korets has been documented since the year 1140 and was under
the rule of the Korecki family, after which it was passed over to the
Leszczynski’s and then to the Czartoryski family. It was previously known as
Korchesk and during the reign of the Korecki family, the fortress was
constructed in the 15th century. Up and till the 18th century, the town
of Korets fell under Poland’s rule and during the year 1788, a faience and china factory was founded in the town. The productivity of the factory only lasted until the 19th century, after which it was closed.

Korets has also had a few famous people walk its street, such as the poet
Taras Shevchenko and Anna Olenina. Anna was the one great love of Aleksandr
. Although famous, the lovesick poet did not have much to offer Anna
in regard to financial stability and her parents forbid her to marry him.
Even though Pushkin did not get the opportunity to marry her, she inspired
many of his best works. After the death of her husband, Anna moved to the
outskirts of Korets to take up the position of patron at the Holy Trinity
Nunnery. She remained there until her death, and is buried near the
Troyitsky Church.

Visitors to this wonderful treasure of the Rivne Region should make the
effort to visit the Nunnery, where they will be greeted with scrumptious
biscuits and a lovely honey drink. Other noteworthy sights to visit include
the Church of St Antony that was originally constructed in the year 1533
and rebuilt twice, in 1706 and again in 1916. The castle, Resurrection
Monastery and the 1620 Trinity Church are wonderful architectural marvels of
the past.

Visitors to this breathtaking little town will not be disappointed. It
has as much history as it has beauty and the friendly locals are warm and
inviting. It will only take a few days before you feel like part of the

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