Ivan Franko Theatre – World Class Performances and Memorable Entertainment

The Ivan Franko Theater of Opera and Ballet is located in the city of Lviv, in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine. Named in honor of Ukrainian poet, journalist, writer, literary critic, economist and political activist, Ivan Yakovych Franko, the Ivan Franko Theater of Opera and Ballet reflects the deep sense of appreciation citizens of this fascinating country have for their cultural heritage. Performances staged at the theater are of a world-class standard and audiences are assured of a few hours of memorable entertainment each time they visit the theater.

The building which houses the Ivan Franko Theater of Opera and Ballet is an architectural work of art in its own right. Situated on the north end of the tranquil tree-lined Prospekt Svobody (Freedom Boulevard) of Lviv, the theater welcomes audiences through its three wood carved doors, above which are three pillar-flanked arches with superbly detailed embellishments. Statues sit regally either side of the arches, an assortment of smaller statues adorn other parts of the exterior and three wide-winged angels stand on pillars on the top of the building – truly a majestic sight.

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