Discover the Churches and Historic Architecture of Borshchiv

Borshchiv is located in the western parts of Ukraine. The town of Borshchiv is small and has a population of about 12 000 people. Borshchiv is one of many towns situated in the oblast of Ternopil. The town is situated, more specifically, in the southern parts of Ternopil. Borshchiv is the administrative center of the Borshchivskyi District.

This region is part of the historical Galicia region, which is split between Poland and Ukraine. Galicia was part of Austria between the years 1772 to 1918 and then in 1920 it became part of Poland. This lasted for nineteen years before it became part of the Soviet Union. Then, in 1991, after the cold war, the USSR was dissolved and now Galicia is part of Ukraine and is the district center in Ternopil oblast.

You can travel to Borshchiv from Ternopil using either road or train as a form of transport. These forms of transport will provide you with enjoyable opportunities for sightseeing in the Ternopil countryside and is definitely the best way to get to Borshchiv. It should take you approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Borshchiv is a lovely, historical town to visit with so much available to keep visitors in the town entertained. Something you must see when you are in Borshchiv is the Borshchiv Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church was built in the 18th century out of bricks. The layout of the church looks similar to a cross. The Ukrainian church has a tower, which was built for defense in the 17th century. The church was originally part of an ancient castle and so a defense tower was necessary. Interestingly, when the church tower was built, three layers of bricks were used at the bottom to give the tower more strength. The higher the tower was built the less the layers became because the strength was needed at the bottom and not at the top. The upper layers of the tower were completed using a baroque style.

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