Guided Tours of the History of Voznesensk

The city of Voznesensk (or Wosnessensk) is situated in the Mykolaiv Oblast, which is located in the southern regions of Ukraine. Jewish settlers first founded Voznesensk in the 19th century. These Jewish settlers had migrated all the way from the northwestern parts of Russia into their neighboring country, Ukraine. At that time thousands of Jews were leaving Russia and heading to the "New Russia", a name Ukraine was commonly referred to as.

In 1864 the newly formed Voznesensk had a thriving Jewish community, which comprised of more than 1,200 Jews. By the year 1897 the Jewish population in Voznesensk had increased to a total of 5,116. The Jews suffered great adversity during the Russian Civil War, which took place between 1917 and 1921. The Russian Civil War was started when the Russian provisional government collapsed and when the Bolsheviks took over Petrograd.

World War II was an extremely trying time for the Jews living in Voznesensk. It was during this time that the Germans decided to raid and take up occupation in the town. The Germans then captured and exterminated the entire Jewish population living in Voznesensk. After World War II was over Jews who had escaped, returned to Voznesensk to again take up residence in a town that had been an important part of the Jewish heritage.

By 1959 there was a population of about nine hundred Jews in Voznesensk, which made up about 3% of the population. In 2001 the population of Voznesensk had grown to over 42,634. Today there continues to be a sizable Jewish community residing here in Voznesensk.

Voznesensk is a popular tourist destination and visited by many who are interested in the history of Voznesensk and the atrocities that took place here. There are many other sights and attractions that one can visit and see. If you are not too sure of where to go while staying in Voznesensk then take advantage of the tours on offer, which will guide you through the city and give you the background to all that you are seeing in this interesting Ukrainian city.

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