Tarascha – Historical Birth City of Stars and Celebrities

The city of Tarascha is located in the Kyiv Oblast, and was under the Cossack rule for many years. Its turbulent years did not end with the fall of Cossacks, as it saw many acts of violence and hate in the years that followed. It is a town that usually got caught up in the battles that swept across the Kyiv Region, suffering heavy losses and destruction. Fortunately, Tarascha is still standing, able to share its past, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking forests with visitors.

Tarascha became a very important shtetl during the 20th century. A large
Jewish community settled in the city and lived here in peace for many years.
After the Hetmanate fell in the year 1918, the hatred and judgement against
Jews grew, until it reached boiling point in 1920. Throughout 1919, bandits
and small groups of peasants were terrorizing Jews and attacking them
when the opportunity struck. The first coordinated attack was on the city
of Tarascha, in which the Jewish community was victorious and a period of
relative peace was enjoyed. In 1920, however, Tarascha and most of the Kyiv
Region would be attacked and thousands of Jews would lose their lives or be
forced to flee their homes. Tarascha was also the scene of violence and
victory on 5 January 1944. It was the day that the Ukrainian Front weakened
the German Army, forcing their armies back, and recapturing both Tarascha
and Berdichev.

On a much lighter note, however, Tarascha is connected with a few
famous people from Ukraine. Oleksandr Moroz, a Ukraine politician, was born
and raised in the city. Boris Thomashefsky would become known as an American
Jewish actor and singer and star of the Yiddish Theatre. Few knew that
Thomashefsky was born in Tarascha in the year 1868. The well-known Ukrainian
composer, Alexander Zlotnik, was born in Tarascha on 15 November 1948.

Tarascha is a lovely city, with a rich history filled with destruction,
victory and determination. It is a city of the Kyiv Region that has many
stories to share and many treasures to explore.

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