Discover the Extraordinary Wilderness and Forest Areas in Koriukivka

If you travel to northern Ukraine you will find a province known as the Chernihiv Oblast. This beautiful region is situated right against the country’s international border and shares its borders with both Belarus and Russia. The Chernihiv Oblast itself is roughly 31,900 square kilometers in size and it is easily divided by the Desna River which bisects the region and joins with the Dniepro River just outside of the city of Kiev. It is here, in the midst of rugged landscapes and natural beauty, that you will find the city of Koriukivka.

Koriukivka in Ukraine is a somewhat mid-sized town by Ukrainian standards. It has a population of roughly 15,000 people and serves as a raion center for the Chernihiv Oblast. The town itself is situated on the Brech River and it enjoys stunning scenery and a fairly high level of activity. The activity experienced in Koriukivka is brought about mainly by the paper mill which is located in the town. In times gone by, Koriukivka was also well known for having one of the best sugar refineries in the USSR but this reputation unfortunately disappeared along with the refinery during the Second World War. The town is fairly old, having been officially established in 1657. Today, one can easily find interesting historical treasures throughout the city if you take the time to explore.

While the paper mill by far conducts the most business in the town, it is certainly not the only attraction to be found here. Koriukivka is also home to a Bread Baking Plant and if you do manage to spend a few hours here, you simply have to sample the local bread. The wonderful variety and excellent attention to taste, texture and other aspects of bread baking has kept this plant alive for quite some time. Also worth noting is the Koriukivka State Forestry Department, which overseas the surrounding wilderness areas. Some aspects of the local forested areas are absolutely breathtaking and every effort should be made to enjoy as much of Koriukivka’s natural environment as possible. So explore Koriukivka for yourself and discover the city’s endless and surprising treasures for yourself.

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