Nikitsky Botanical Gardens – Oldest Botanical Garden in the World

The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens is believed to be the oldest botanical garden in the world. The garden's landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. Visitors will not be disappointed on this amazing journey of beauty and discovery. Nature lovers will be thoroughly impressed by this stunning natural attraction in Ukraine.

The Botanical Gardens of Nikitsky were founded by Christian Steven in 1812. Steven became the Botanical Garden’s first director and there is a monument in the garden that has been dedicated to his memory.

The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens is no small park, it covers a region of 1100 hectares. The Botanical Gardens are organized into 12 scientific departments and it also boasts one of Europe’s largest herbariums. The Nikitsky Botanical Garden houses a scientific museum where you will be able to view collections of more than 50 thousand species and forms of plant hybrids from many different countries around the world.

The Cacti Greenhouse in Nikitsky Botanical Gardens has a display of succulent cacti. The cacti collection contains about 600 different species and variations of cactus. This succulent collection is presented with various other succulents growing in open ground.

The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens is considered one of Europe’s most superb gardens of all time. In the year 2000 the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens was given the status of National Center of Science of Ukraine. The park has a fascinating design with an open-air museum, which has more than 18,000 species of plants from Mediterranean countries such as South-East Asia and South America.

The Nikitsky Gardens also boast a large scientific-research establishment. The Gardens belong to the Ukraine Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS), whose members study the natural vegetation and are responsible for the collection of plants, along with many other new plants. The Botanical Garden of Nikitsky has 50,000 different species that include different varieties of flowers, fruits, olives, nuts and medicinal plants, as well as rare and endangered species.

The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens also has two hotels complete with stunning health facilities, so visitors can come and find some relaxation. The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens are an absolutely awesome place for visitors and tourists to come and view the many beautiful species of plants and shrubs. So come along and become absorbed in nature’s wonders!

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