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    The fascinating country of Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is bordered by the Black Sea, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia. If you had to look on a map, you would find Ukraine at 49 00 N, 32 00 E. Ukraine is a geographically interesting country with many variations of climate and terrain taking place in an area which is only slightly smaller than the US ...

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    The town of Sudak and Noviy Svet are approximately seven kilometers apart, and together they have enough sights and activities to keep the entire family entertained. Visitors will be welcomed by friendly locals, but be warned, Russian is the more popular language here and not many of the residents speak English. Many Ukrainian families flock to this Crimean coastal resort town for ...

  • Crimea Region


    The ancient city of Evpatoria or Eupatoria has gone through many name changes over the centuries and has been called Gizlyar, Yevpatoria and Kirkinitida, to mention just a few. Evpatoria, the name of the city today, came from the King of Pontus' nickname, Eupator. The city is located in the Crimea region of Ukraine, and has been around for over 2500 years and the landscape is made up mainly ...