Sudak – Resort Town filled with Excitement, Legends and Nightlife

The town of Sudak and Noviy Svet are approximately seven kilometers apart, and together they have enough sights and activities to keep the entire family entertained. Visitors will be welcomed by friendly locals, but be warned, Russian is the more popular language here and not many of the residents speak English. Many Ukrainian families flock to this Crimean coastal resort town for weekends and holidays, giving this destination in Ukraine a unique and relaxed atmosphere.

It is believed that the town of Sudak was established in 212 BC. The town was founded by Greek invaders; with its original name being Sugdeya. After the Greeks, the Genoese renamed it Soldaia, and the name as it is known, Sudak, was given by the Crimean Tartars. Archaeological research and excavations of the area has proven that settlements were in existence even before the Greeks arrival. It has been suggested that previous settlers such as the Taurians and Alans occupied Sudak in ancient times.

Families find Sudak an irresistible destination in Ukraine as the beaches
and Aqua Park are great attractions. The Aqua Park is filled with pools,
slides, cascades and even an aqua disco at night. At night, Sudak comes alive with bars, cafés, restaurants and discos. The ancient Genoa Fortress is a popular attraction in Sudak that looms over the town, with sturdy walls measuring six meters in height and two meters in width. Visitors will be richly rewarded by the view from the fort that looks out over the town and surrounding landscapes. The little museum at the fortress also boasts a fascinating display of artifacts and items.

One of the legends of Sudak is a story that is very similar to the famous
tale of Tristan and Isolde. It tells of a princess destined to marry a man
she didn’t love and who fell in love with a shepherd. After jailing the
shepherd on discovery of his daughter’s love for the young man, the king realized
that it was his long lost son. The King hid this fact from his daughter and
sent his son on a voyage. Before marrying her intended, she threw herself off
the fortress tower when she thought that the shepherd had died on the voyage. Another legend involving the fortress tells about a brave and beautiful queen
named Theodora. Many suitors asked her hand in marriage, but she refused as
she had taken a vow of maidenhood so as to rule Sugdeya (now Sudak) to the best
of her abilities. When the town came under attack two brothers stood at her
side, both hopelessly in love with her. Iracleus betrayed her to force
her hand, and Constantine died at his brother’s hand to protect
Theodora. Theodora cut Iracleus’ head off with a sword, but died after the
enemy overwhelmed her. These legends add a touch of mystery, tragedy and
love to the old fortress that stands silently on the hill, not revealing the
secrets it holds.

Sudak is a wonderful destination in Ukraine – with the peace of a coastal
town, the reminders of a turbulent past and the legends passed down through generations.

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