Enerhodar – Home to an Impressive Nuclear Power Plant

Located on the banks of the Dnieper River, is the city of Enerhodar. It is in the north-west area of the Zaporizhia Oblast (Zaporizhzhya Oblast). Enerhobar was established on 12 June 1970 to service Europe's largest nuclear power plant and has grown to be home to around 47,000 residents.

The Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant makes use of the Kahovskoe
Reservoir, which is located in the Dnieper River. There are two power lines,
of which one was constructed in 1977 and the other in 1984. The first line
runs on pylons that are at a height of 2100 meters, and the line is 7900
meters long. This allows the lines to be laid safely over the water. The second
line was constructed to transport the energy that was being produced by the
power plant. These pylons are not as high as the first, being 1100 meters,
and the line is 6126 meters in length. A new storage facility is being
built to store nuclear fuel and construction should be completed by the end
of 2008. In the past, spent fuel would be transported to Russia for storage,
but with its own storage facility, the plant will save millions. The storage
containers will be manufactured in Enerhodar, and each container should be
able to last for a minimum of fifty years.

This beautiful city in the Zaporizhzhya Region has many development
programs that are running in regard to education. One of these projects led
to the donation of books to the Enerhodar City Central Library. The books
were donated in 2006 by the Ukrainian Centre for Museum Development, that
targeted the cities and towns of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast. Cities such as
Enerhodar are constantly looking to improve their facilities and the quality
of life that is provided for the residents.

Walking in such close proximity to one of the largest Nuclear Power
Plants in the world is a rare opportunity. Enerhodar has many interesting
sights and a colorful history to share. And it is looking forward to a
successful future.

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