Berdiansk – A Delightful Get-Away

The city of Berdiansk is one of the treasures that can be found along the shores of the Sea of Azov, in the Zaporizhia Oblast. It is a port city and has an estimated population of 125,000 residents. Berdiansk is a destination in the Zaporizhia region that is known for its peaceful atmosphere, luxurious caviar and the best seafood in Ukraine.

Berdiansk was established in the year 1827 and was known then as
Kutur-Ogly. In 1830, the citys name was changed to Novo-Nogaisk and was
renamed Berdiansk (or Berdyansk) in 1842. The city has a very active port and many visitors take the opportunity to enjoy a little fishing while in Berdiansk. The beaches are also a great attraction, although some might think the water to be too cold to enjoy. The city also offers visitors a chance to
relax at the luxurious health resort. It has medicinal and balneological mud
baths that are guaranteed to rejuvenate any weary traveler.

Over and above the tourism industry, the city of Berdiansk relies on
industries such as fishing, oil processing, engineering and flour milling
for its income and economy. The city also has its own newspaper, namely the
Berdiansk Delovoj“. Its educational institutions attract students from all
over the Zaporizhia oblast, and neighboring regions, to study here. They
include the Medical School and the Pedagogical Institute. Visitors should
take the opportunity to walk through the Museum of Arts, the Museum of City
History and the Museum of Natural Sciences, as they all have extremely
fascinating and interesting exhibits.

Quite a few famous Ukrainians have originated from Beriansk, or spent time in the city. Vladimir Filatov is a well-known Ukrainian sculptor, who was born in
Beriansk in 1958. His most famous works are the monuments named ‘A Physical
Therapy Emblem’, which he unveiled in 1982; and ‘Surgery’, which was completed
in 1984. The Russian founder of Taphonomy, respected writer and noted
scientist, Ivan Yefremov, spent some of his childhood in Beriansk. His
family moved to the city in the year 1913, but after the 1917 Revolution his
family had great financial and emotional losses, and Yefremov joined the Red
Army in the year 1919. Anatoli Petrovich Vapirov was also born in Berdiansk
on 24 November 1947, and went on to become a world famous jazz musician,
improviser and conductor.

Berdiansk has inspired so many and continues to amaze visitors each day.
It is a combination of modern civilization and the peacefulness and
quaintness of a small coastal city. It has so much to offer in the form of
activities, sights and natural beauty that visitors will be entertained for

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